I live in a part of the country that is a wonderful special place. There are rolling hills, lakes and streams galore and no traffic. I started this company later in life for my kids and grand kids hoping to be able to leave them some sort of a small legacy. I also know that no one would buy anything from me just for that reason. The issues I encountered when I drove are faced by drivers daily so there wasn’t anything particularly more difficult for me then for any other driver.

One of the things that did get under my skin was feeling grimy most days.  Baby wipes helped a little but they weren’t the right tool for the job. I thought if I could use that same idea but design a product for men and women instead of babies, somebody might buy them.

Detour Shower Wipes are made with a superior material using a process called spunlace. To keep the cost of shipping reasonable I could only use a sheet of a certain thickness because I wanted to make sure drivers had enough sheets for about a month. I know that drivers have developed their own solutions to keeping clean but maybe they’re looking for something better.

You’ll never find a baby wipe made like this. I’m not trying to take away anybody’s baby wipe, I’m just trying to give them an alternative.

I hope you’ll try Detours and if you like them tell all your driver friends about them. 

Please BE SAFE and Thank You for Your Service. Keep America Rolling.

Sincerely, Greg Cyr