Detour body wipes for men package of 40 Extra large wipes for adults
Detour Body Wipes
Detour Body Wipes
Detour Body Wipes
Detour Body Wipes
Detour Body Wipes
Detour Body Wipes
Detour Body Wipes
Man using post workout cleansing body wipes and Detour back scrubber
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Detour Body Wipes

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Handle Your Dirty Side, No Smelly Perfumes. A Cleansing Experience That Delivers A Clean Feeling Without A Shower

Detour Shower Sheets offer a quick and easy solution for cleaning and freshening up without water. They are effective, residue-free, dermatologist-tested and can be used for multiple cleaning purposes.

Detour Body Wipe for Adults are an Easy to Use, Economical Body Cleansing Wipe That Is A Delightful Alternative To A Shower

Detour Full Body Wipes are a convenient, cost-effective solution for freshening up without a shower. They effectively clean dirt, sweat, and eliminate body odor. Made without alcohol and unscented, they leave a refreshing feel without residue or unpleasant film. They are also dermatologist tested and can be used for cleaning other surfaces, making them a versatile and practical solution.

Detour Disposable Body Wipes for Camping, Travel, and After Games or Workout Stay Moist for Long Periods of Time in our Convenient Resealable Package.

Detour Body Wipes for Convenient Cleansing Anytime, Anywhere. Resealable Package Keeps Wipes Fresh and Moist for Long Periods of Time. Perfect for Camping, Travel, and After Workouts or Games. Aloe Vera Formula for a Refreshing Feel.

Do Only Truck Drivers Use Them?

 Detour Body Wipes are not just for truck drivers. They are ideal for a variety of active and hard-working people and their families, including athletes, sports enthusiasts, gymnasts, bikers, campers, hunters, fishermen, hikers, firefighters, military personnel, runners, travelers, soccer moms, and are a great option for patients as well.


Our Economical 40 Wipe Pack Is Enough to Last a Professional Trucker About a Month or More. Most Use A Single Wipe to Clean Their Whole Body.

Made with Aloe Vera Extract - Nature's Best Medicinal Plant for Cleansing Sweat Residue While Preserving your Organic Body Oils and Removing Nasty Odors.

Dermatologist Tested, Alcohol Free, Hypoallergenic, and Paraben Free for Sensitive Skin .

Durable 8" by 10" Large, Strong, Soft Sheets Easy on Your Skin.

Easy, Quick, Convenient, & Disposable (Biodegradable). Usable Anytime, & Anywhere

Made & Shipped within the USA


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